Find a bike, whenever you're in the city!

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Fitz gives you information about bike sharing stations in your city and has the same features as an app, without having to install one! It has information about available bikes and empty slots in stations from cities all over the world, so open the app and see if your city is in the list.

  • Location based

    It gives you the closest stations in a list or on a map, based on your current location.

  • Offline available

    If you lose connectivity, it keeps working. Of course the information can get outdated!

  • Directions

    Get navigation instructions to a station in Google Maps.

  • Favorites

    Mark the stations you use often as favorites, so you quickly access them.

  • No need to download...

    No need to go to the appstores, no need to install an app. It works right in your browser!

  • ... but you can if you want.

    If you use it a lot, you can install it on your device.


Fitz is a Progressive Web App. This means that it acts as an app, but actually runs in the browser. It runs on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

  • Developed in Vue.js
  • Cross platform, one codebase for multiple platforms
  • Unit tests and E2E tests with Karma/Nightwatch
  • Build on Gitlab-CI
  • Deployed on Firebase Hosting
  • Uses data from the API
  • Backend developed in Kotlin / Spring Boot, deployed on Google App Engine